Laser Scanning Clinic at BIMForum

Instead of the tours that we've been doing at the BIMForum, we did a laser scan clinic reviewing the practical steps to laser scan and convert to BIM.
We started with a presentation, but quickly moved to a demo of the new Faro scanner after we started with Q&A. It was great to see the entire process, from scanning to registration to clean-up of noise.
We're in the process of testing different LAM (laser-scan aided modeling) workflows, so were excited to add a few to our list as we're currently testing Scan-to-BIM and a few other platforms:
We've been talking about testing out the Faro (we've been using Leica), so the demo of it may be what pushes it over the edge to start really testing.

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fishandchips said...

Hi Laura, I came across this recently while doing the daily chore

ClearEdge3D Software

High Definition CAD Models – Automatically From Point Clouds!

ClearEdge3D is the maker of EdgeWise™, the only software capable of automatically extracting truly editable 3D CAD models from ground-based laser-scan (LIDAR) data. With its patent-pending computer vision algorithms, EdgeWise is able to dramatically reduce the time required to create clean, accurate, as-built CAD models. Using this technology, even the most complex models can now be completed in hours, rather than weeks or months.

Well worth a look if you haven't seen it already