Tekla BIMsight

If you haven't tested Tekla BIMsight yet, you truly have no excuse. It's free. Not 30-day trial free. Completely free. After seeing a demo last week at the BIMForum, our team had to test it.
The interface is amazing; clean and intuitive. It's fast and it's easy to use; you package a file for someone and have them viewing the model in about 30 minutes (install, training videos). Functionality basically includes clashing and measuring; you can view some parameters, but not all.

So what is it missing? No way to group clashes, manage clashes or print/export reports of clashes. No way to group views, which could get messy when we create thousands of them (and we will).

I can see teams using this for basic design coordination, whether its our team or the design team. (No excuse for having any clashes in 100% CDs if you have a free, robust clash tool.)

I can also see us having our supers use this. They've already been trained in Navisworks, and then Navigator, but why not throw another BIM software at them! Its intuitive enough and could be a great way for them to start using the model on their own. They can do a little clash detection if they want.

Do I see our VDC team using this instead of our current solution? Probably not. Without clash management, exporting functionality and collaboration capabilities, it would be tough to use.

Is it perfect? No, of course not. Do we have things we want to change, add and expand on? Always. But..its free. And so usable. So we'll find a way to use it!

Laser Scanning Clinic at BIMForum

Instead of the tours that we've been doing at the BIMForum, we did a laser scan clinic reviewing the practical steps to laser scan and convert to BIM.
We started with a presentation, but quickly moved to a demo of the new Faro scanner after we started with Q&A. It was great to see the entire process, from scanning to registration to clean-up of noise.
We're in the process of testing different LAM (laser-scan aided modeling) workflows, so were excited to add a few to our list as we're currently testing Scan-to-BIM and a few other platforms:
We've been talking about testing out the Faro (we've been using Leica), so the demo of it may be what pushes it over the edge to start really testing.