Walter P. Moore at NYIEC

I've heard about Walter P. Moore's BIM capability for a while, but I hadn't seen it firsthand until I attended the NYIEC conference (LINK).

Their presentation covered their use of clash detection, schedule simulation, and general BIM collaboration. At first, I didn't see anything ground breaking about it. And then I remembered that they are a structural engineer (B) doing sequencing, visualization and clash detection. With that lens on, its quite impressive and very "IPD" of them - the most competent party does the work!

I was most impressed with a brief anecdote from one of their projects. When the contractor claimed that a structural support "wouldn't work", Walter P. Moore created an additional digital mockup, including rebar, formwork, and other details, and then sequenced it to prove constructability.

After the presentation, I chatted with the presenters about the risk associated with that specific modeling effort. Like many others on the cutting or bleeding edge, they are aware of potential risk, but believe that they are at greater risk if they don't do the right thing for the project.

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