VDC Roundup

My second roundup of the day, focused on internal and external VDC activities. We use this internally to highlight trends, projects and training efforts. Here are a few of the pieces from today's Tocci VDC Roundup.

Training: Highlights from BIMForum Conference 
Today, we gathered to watch our third presentations from the San Antonio BIMForum conference: Sundt's presentation on Intelligent Trenching.
Although the presentation focused on a different project, Eric Cylwik (the presenter) mentioned how Sundt is also using the model to communicate with the public regarding Sellwood Bridge.

A few weeks ago, we watched Mortenson's presentation on Digital Mock-ups. The presentation mostly focused on interior visualizations, but included a great list of potential areas that benefit from digital mock-ups:

  • High risk activities (i.e. envelope details)
  • Highly repetitive areas
  • Highly technical areas (i.e. operating rooms)
  • Congested spaces (i.e. in wall assemblies)
Digital Fabrication
This week, I had the opportunity to visit Because We Can's shop, in Oakland. Jeffery McGrew and Jillian Northrup are doing amazing work, and it was great to see them in action - both designing and fabricating. 

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