Leadership Roundup

0 1   S I X  T I P S  F O R  H I R I N G  S T A R  T A L E N T
...From a Top Hollywood Casting Director via @FastCompany
Recruitment and hiring is so important, so I always appreciate various articles on it - especially when, like this one, they offer a unique perspective. Casting Director Ellen Chenoweth offers this advice:

  • Don't Wait for Candidates to Come to You
  • Don't Always Go with the Most Obvious Candidate
  • Don't Dismiss a Promising Candidate Based on a Bad Interview
  • Fight for Your First Choice
  • If Possible, Take Your Time
  • Look for Strengths that the Candidate Might Not Even Be Aware Of
0 2   S O L V I N G  G E N  Y ' S 
...Passion Problem via @harvardbiz
I appreciate this article so much, because the typical "Gen Y" labels frustrate me. Cal Newport, a member of Gen Y, clarifies the "core problem" of our generation: a sense of entitlement that was derived from some "pernicious" advice. "Follow your passion" forgets to remind us about those tough skill-building phase years. A recommended read - especially since Gen Y is the future of our (and every) industry, and right now, Gen Y tends to fill VDC roles. 

0 3   S A V E  U S
...From Our Strengths via @harvardbiz & @tonyschwartz
This article was waiting in my Inbox after a discussion of performance reviews came up at today's Executive Committee meeting. I've recently read (but cannot locate) articles on the influence of 'positive psychology' on performance reviews; the idea is that reviews should "focus on developing the strengths of ... employees rather than trying to help fix their weaknesses". While I know I would enjoy a review that consisted entirely of positive feedback, we all know what Tony Schwartz sums up so clearly: "ignoring our weaknesses doesn't make them go away, nor negate the toll they take on our effectiveness". 

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