Why We are Reluctant to Share Information

In the Agrarian Economy, land ownership indicated wealth. If you didn’t own land, you worked for a landowner. And if you gave away land, you gave away wealth. In the Industrial Economy, financial capital replaced land. Similar to land, capital is a pie that doesn’t expand; when you give it away, you no longer have it.

Now we’re transitioning to the Information Economy, where the most valued asset is knowledge. Unlike land or capital, you can share information without losing it. In fact, those who share are the wealthiest.

Here’s the challenge with sharing information. Our historical systems have conditioned us to guard our valuables, rather than share. How can we overcome this?

Earlier this week, John Tocci, Lila Tocci, and I attended the Collaboration Forum (no relation to BIMForum), where a group of AECO professionals gathered to talk about (what else?) collaboration.

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drzz said...

For those who read French, here is a good explanation of BIM - IFC : http://www.rhino4you.com/1/bim_ifc_maquette_3d_383350.html, and what the French call the digital model/sketchup/mockup (maquette numérique).