Best of 2013: A List of Lists

I love end of year highlights. Not only are they in the perfect format (I am such a list person), but they are such a great synthesis of the year. Over the past week, I powered through the lists from all of my favorite sources and came up with my own Top 10 - a list of lists.

10. 21 Web Applications via @patflynn

I love when other people share their tools. I haven't had a chance to look at everything that Pat Flynn, of Smart Passive Income, shared. I immediately used Unroll.me and Tweriod. So good. So good.

9. Top 10 Buildings via @FastCompany 

I will admit that I initially felt obliged to include a "top 10" of buildings in my list. But what really got me about this list is how it balances the social sides and aesthetics of each building. The common theme is sustainability, but I really love the world's largest women's university in Saudi Arabia.

8. Top 10 Art Quotes via @artsjournalnews + @guardian

My favorite:
My innate romanticism, which despite myself I am unable to entirely suppress, would put the inventive capacity of artists as one of [our] greatest assets.

7. The Year in Music via @allsongs

I'm not naturally good at keeping up with music trends and expanding my musical horizons. I used to try offset that by listening to All Songs Considered; now, I just listen to one episode each year. For me, it is worth every minute (of the 100), and I've heard that "music people" like it, too.

6. 11 Hot BIM Topics via @BDCNetwork

BD+C posted this a little early, but it covers most topics. Happy to see LOD Specification and a Tocci's project included, but was disappointed the list didn't include trends towards BIM analytics and data.

5. Most Popular of 2013 via @99u 

Best articles, videos, and tweets. from 99u. My favorites: types of experts - besides the specialist and strategies to make habits durable.

4. Top 9 Education Articles via @TheAtlantic

Education is critical to the future of our industry..really to the future of everything. I enjoyed reading about creative and tenacious millennials and the trials, tribulations, and microsuccesses of educational iPads.

3. 18 Trend Sites via @IXchat

If only this list used numbers. I already use and love Springwise and PSFK. I think I'm going to try out CoolBusinessIdeas and World Future Society in 2014.

2. Top 11 Innovative Workplace Stories via @FastCompany 

I love the implications of office design for culture and productivity. Check out early results from Yahoo, this cultural fit test, and PSFK's vision for the office.

1. Austin Kleon's Reading Year Best Books of 2013 via @austinkleon

My #1 is not yet a list. But its not much of a risk - Austin Kleon's recommendations are usually pretty good. I really love that he is waiting until January 1st to post it. I'll update this post with the link as soon as he releases his list.

Update: Think of books as potential experiences, not just products. I haven't read any of the books on his list, but the next time you see me, ask me about Lost Cat or Daily Rituals.

So what are your "Top 10s" of 2013?  And what trends are you tracking for 2014? Let me know in the comments!

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