How I Hire VDC Positions

Hiring is one of the most challenging but critical aspects of my role. Like most positions in innovation, VDC roles evolve over time. They require strong technical skills, but just as important (if not more) are flexibility, curiosity, telescoping*, and communication skills.

* telescoping - the ability to focus on a immediate objectives while considering the ultimate objectives. Source: Stephen Johnson's Everything Bad is Good For You

I think I've interviewed something like 200 people in the past 7 years. As I interview candidates, I mentally map them onto a BIM Will and Skill matrix.  Each 'location' on then BIM Will and Skill matrix requires different management and leadership techniques...and to be honest, not all of them align with every company's culture or every manager's style.

It's not perfect, but its simple. And when I actually use it, I hire really strong team members.

So, how do you hire for VDC team members? What has worked for you...and what hasn't? Leave your thoughts in the comments or tweet me about it!

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