3 Things I Do (Plus 2 Things I Wish I Did) to Mitigate the Health Hazards of My Desk Job

Sitting is the new smoking.
I'm not sure of its origination, but I am loving this new tagline for our unhealthy desk-sitting and mouse-clicking habits. I actually share it when facilitating workshops:
Alright, everyone up to the board with their post-its. This is good for you. Sitting is the new smoking.
However, its been more than a schtick for me. It is a helpful reminder that I spend a significant amount of time at my desk, with shoulders hunched and wrists aching. This isn't a unique experience to me; I think anyone with a "desk job" can relate. Luckily, the new tagline comes with some really practical tools to mitigate:

Three Things I Do

  1. Stretch: About once an hour, I try to stretch my wrists and shoulders. Although I didn't plan it this way, I end up doing a lot of the stretches featured in this infographic.
  2. Breath: At least once per day, I try to take a few deep breaths. A lot of people talk about the benefits of meditation, but I rarely can focus that much! Instead, I just breathe. Early this year, as recommended by Fast Company, I downloaded and started using Stop, Breathe, and Think
  3. Stand: Between tasks and meetings, I stand up and walk around. Sometimes, its just to refill my water; other times, its a good opportunity to practice walking the four corners.  

Two Things I Wish I Did

  1. Stand: I know, I just said stand. But I'd like to take it to the next level with a standing desk. While visiting a colo in San Francisco a few weeks ago, I had a case of desk envy. See image above. I'll take one, please.
  2. Walk: I'm looking forward to warmer weather in New England, so I can take Nilofer Merchant's advice and start to schedule walking meetings. 
So what do you do to avoid "the new smoking"? Leave your thoughts in the comments or tweet them to me!

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