The Construction Industry is 54% Reliable. Last Week, I was 81% Reliable. How About You?

Some weeks, I'm more reliable than others...
Last year's BIMForum study on team performance highlighted shared accountability as a tenet of high performing teams using BIM - with especially strong correlation between accountability and schedule or cost performance.

Since I wasn't crystal clear on the definition of accountability, I looked into it. Accountability basically measures a commitment within a project team to perform a task or manage a process. It is an indication of “ownership” of obligations. When teams don’t define accountability, efforts are inefficient and ineffective. Work doesn’t get done. People point fingers. Individuals can start by being accountable for their  commitments. While many people might identify themselves as being reliable, you don’t know until you start to take account.

Tocci's Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) department starting focusing on accountability by reviewing major commitments as a group. I'm sure that it was helpful for some people, but for the most part, it was painfully boring to review...and didn't necessarily help us meet our commitments. So we transitioned to using Percent of Planned (PPC). PPC is a lean concept, part of Last Planner. Basically, it is the percent of commitments held or tasks completed. 
  1. This first piece isn’t anything special. As tasks are assigned or you think of new tasks, document activity description and due date. As you complete tasks, document the completed date.
  2. Once a week, do a little math. Divide the number of tasks completed on time by the number of tasks you intended to complete. This percentage is your PPC. The construction industry averages 54% PPC (Source: Skender) – how do you stack up?
  3. Next, dig a little deeper. Look at the incomplete or late tasks. Note why each task isn’t complete. A standard list of reasons will help you analyze issues to understand trends and improve your reliability and productivity going forward. I've been using the following list of standard reasons:

You can see my PPC over the last few weeks at the top of the post. I tend to miss tasks due to Off Project Demands (10), Change in Project Priorities (9), with the occasional Technology Fail (14).

Want to track your PPC along with me? Download my PPC template and see how reliable you are! Track for a week, then share the results with me 
in the comments or tweet them to me.

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