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Darkness Rises- Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Darkness Rises- Ultimate Guide for Beginners

In the digital world, games are the necessary need of the person. So today we talk about the most popular game Darkness Rises. It is the best role-playing game. The game is developed by the world-famous studio NEXON Company. It is released on June 21.  The game is available on Android and IOS both platform. It takes pride in its immersive combat system and deep narrative. Many fights and tasks are available in it. It is also supported high graphics. The game is run on 1.1.2 current version. Many types of classes are available in it. In its also, events, quest and other stages are available for playing.

How to play?

Firstly you can download the game. If your device is Android, then you can download from play store. And if your device supports IOS version, then you can download from the app store. After download, the game opens it. You receive one option for creating a character. The character is the primary option in the game. Via the character, you can complete the mission. For entering into the game, you firstly must require the character. So today I will tell you how to create own avatar in-game and many more things.

How to Customize your Character-

The characters are the basic part of the game. For a start the game you first create the character. After download game chooses the option character customization screen. In it create your best character because in it already many goods items are available. To create the character so impressive. Many options are available like eyebrows and change your body shape. After the level, you can make many more changes after level up. Once you create the character, then touch on start button for saving your character and enter in the game. So as per this instruction, you create an avatar and customize an avatar for playing the game.

Face the Enemies-

This is the impressive point of the game. After creating the avatar, a battle will start with enemies. From the character, you can fight and face your enemies. In every task, different enemies will come for the fight. Fight with them and earn the points. When you fight with your enemies, then you will earn some points and tasks. Don’t run away from enemies because a fight will give you more points like XP, coins, and other things. You also unlock the many things for your avatar or upgrade the stuff for the avatar.

Unlock the features-

When you start the game, some features are not available for you. In other words, we can say that many features are available in the game, but it’s not open in the start. These all features will be unlocked after you complete certain PVE stages. These features also open in adventure mode. For open the many features unlock the different areas and do the various tasks. You can also earn some gems and coins after completing the mission or with Darkness Rises Hack 2018. After completing the 1-3 tasks in adventure mode, you will open the many features. These are all the best way to unlock the features.




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