Homescapes – Designed By Adding Numerous Aspects


The Homescapes begins with an old home and some arcade levels. With it, two main objectives appear in front of players. The first and important one is renovating the home. Another one is completing arcade (match-3) levels as more as possible. From the arcade levels, the players will get funds Homescapes Hack in the game account. The renovation is the motive or object for which the players are gathering funds. In the work of renovation, the players need to improve everything of a home such as –

•         Furniture

•         Stairs

•         Carpets

 All things are available in form of tasks and tasks can be completed by spending in-game funds by getting homescapes cheats.

Know more about special tiles

The match-3 concept is designed by adding different types of things or aspects. It includes some specific kind of tiles those may appear at higher levels. The way of performing work of all tiles is completely different. Before start using or playing with these tiles, players need to get proper information about them.

Box – the boxes are appearing as the barrier in achieving objectives on the board. The tile which blocked by the boxes is fixed at the place till the box does not eliminate. In means, players are not able to swap them or replace them. For it, they need to make a combination with similar tiles in its surrounding. The second way to clear box from the board is the use of specific power tile but it is not effective in all cases.

Carpet – it is used by the game for providing a special kind of challenge to the players. With these tiles, players are assigned with an objective of spreading the carpet on the complete board. Now the question is how it possible is. For it, players need to make several combinations and need to make sure that in all combination at least one tile should have covered with carpet. If it does not happen then a move of players get wasted and they do not get anything for it.

Cookie – the cookies are also playing a role like boxes. These are also a type of barrier. Similarly, it blocks the tiles and creates numerous issues for the players. These can be eliminated by combinations and using power-ups. The main thing which you should know about cookie is that it does not allow powers to affect next tile. It absorbs them and powers do not pass. So it becomes important to clear the cookie as fast as possible.