Simcity Buildit – essential tips for beginners


Have you ever desired to be the mayor of a city and controlling it If yes and willing for the same now then there is an awesome game that can help you to meet the need on a small scale. Simcity Buildit is a trending game for IOS and Android devices. The game is available for free of cost and if you want to spend money then the in-app purchases are offered. Simoleon is the primary currencyof the game and simcash is premium currency as both play vital role in being the top player. Users need to keep the sims of city happy because if the citizens are satisfied with mayor’s services and work then they will pay the tax. The tax rate charged to sims depend on you as It can be 5% or you can take it to 20 or more. Offering good services won’t make you charge that much tax however if the population is higher and sims are happy then tax amount can be increased to this much.

What Are The Tasks

As you download the game, you can easily find that building a city is first thing. It requires currencies and after moving to a certain level, a new currency open up called as golden key. This currency is used in the purchase of premium building which are expensive and can change the view of your city so you can to try simcity buildit cheat. Luxurious Casinos are the first choice but you need to earn enough experience and complete levels to be able to open it. Next important thing is trading because it is offering you the chance to earn good amount of Golden Keys. Trading can be tough for newbie gamers but don’t worry the tutorial provided is helpful. You need to complete the tasks in limited time and currencies will be provided to you. It is easier and helpful in being the top trader.

Bottom Line

The mayor needs to manage every single thing like tax, energy, power suplly and other factors of the city. You can do it all by building factories and other however it is better to get the power supply from other cities. Basically, it will help in keeping the pollution amount lower and keeping the sims happy. You can add factories to provide jobs but don’t go overwhelmed by  this method because everything in excessive can’t help. This is the reason you must follow the tutorial and the financial advisor given in the game. It will help in being the top notch gamer in less time possible.