Some basics about Dragon Ball Legends! Three mentioned in the article


Dragon Ball Legends is one of the most famous fighting game in the world. This is a copy of WORLD famous Dragon Ball Cartoon series which is originated from Japan. The furious fighting game sis released by Bandai Namco company. It is a renowned company which publishes so many great video games over the past few years. The set includes all most every character of the original cartoon series such as Goku, Frieza Goku Saiyan and many other aspects of the Db series.

Through this article, we are going to explain some basics about the game, which is essential to understand before playing it on mobile phones.

As an arcade game

The game is very famous all over the world. The fame of the game is getting higher and higher because of the daily updates. There is a new update almost every day to enhance the quality of the graphics along with fighting levels. You can fight with anyone in the world, due to its online gaming ability. That why people love this game more and more because it helps them to connect to other parts of the world.


The main motive of the game is to build a party or group of character to dominate battles of the game. The more characters you add in your party, the more you become stronger in the game defeat the other parties in the story mode.

The characters of the game

If we talk about the characteristics of the Dragon Ball Legends, the first name which comes into mind is Goku, who is known as the hero of the DB series is the main character. The other characters like shallot, Mercenary Tao, Raditz, Yamcha, Siabaman and so on also available in the game