Strategies used in playing pixel gun 3D

Many people these days have taken gaming as one of their fun activities to do. This has led to many developers coming up with new games. Pixel gun 3D is not exemption, it has gained a lot of fan all around the world which is laid bare by the number of downloads that it has attracted. When playing the game one needs to come up with strategies of playing the game as failure to which will lead to constant deaths.

Some of these strategies include

Use hack tools

There are a myriad of cheats available for the pixel gun 3D coin hack all over, these cheats helps the players to navigate the hard aspects of the game by simplifying the game. Through the use of hack and cheats, a player can be able to unlock difficult levels, finish a mission faster, and acquire great amount of reward for the game. However, it is important to note that these hack tools can contain viruses that can harm your gadget thus take note of the hack tools you use.

Target the Head

Headshots have that detrimental damage on the zombies, once there are many zombies that are attacking you, remain still and just target the head. The head only requires one shot for you to kill the zombie this will therefore save on your ammunition for further levels. Take note of the crawling zombies with small head use the touch screen to aim correctly and once you are locked just shoot to kill.

Reload when free

I the course of the game you will find some instances that the zombies will not be attacking you, this is the time you take a breather, you need to reload your gun quickly so that you may not be caught unawares or be attacked by many zombies at once and you have only one bullet in your gun.

Keep moving

Always be on the move never attack while standing. Remaining still will increase the risk of massive attack that would kill you at once. Jus attack while moving in order to give the zombies a hard time attacking you.